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All Slots Has a Full Set of Tutorials to Help You Learn Their Games

We have discovered a number of different types of online gamers.  One is the gamer who just plays for fun, always bets money he or she can well afford to lose and considers online gaming to be a harmless form of entertainment.  These players are less interested in learning how to win at an online casino than in learning how to have fun at an online casino! 

Another type of online gamer is the cerebral type, the kind of player who really wants to know the odds and looks for ways to turn the house advantage around.  This player usually is okay with losing some money because his or her prime objective is becoming better and closing the gap with the house.  Then there are players who seriously want to win and always look for tips to win at Aussie online casinos.  We always encourage gamers to follow the guidelines of responsible gambling but we also recognize the thrill of the bet.

All Slots Casino is an excellent place to play, whichever type of gamer you are.  For the fun seekers, All Slots Casino has many hundreds of games in all categories.  In addition to having hundreds of pokies, All Slots has many variations of video poker, blackjack, and roulette.  For the cerebral players and the players who really want to win, All Slots has a thorough set of tutorials.  The learning center at All Slots can help you even the odds with the house.  It may be counter-intuitive to expect to get help from All Slots to win online but, All Slots considers it part of their responsibility to keep online gaming fun and entertaining.  So, whichever type of gamer you are, you can win real money playing at All Slots.

Let’s Check Out One of All Slots’ Tutorials Together

Almost everyone knows the basic rules of blackjack: get as close to 21 without going over before the dealer plays.  If you go over 21 before the dealer plays you lose automatically even if dealer subsequently also goes over 21.

The All Slots tutorial gives all the basics in clear language.  When the tutorial explains your options it uses a bullet-point system making understanding easier.  At the end of the seemingly complete tutorial, there are fully 21 links to pages that give even more detail about specific aspects of blackjack strategy, different variations of blackjack, and other aspects of blackjack unique to playing it online.  You can get a world of insight into blackjack just by reading the tutorial in full and can then confidently decide which variation you prefer to play.

Strange as it May Seem, All Slots is not Only about Winning

Everyone likes to win at an online casino but All Slots prefers to deliver great gaming as an entertaining way to pass the time.  All Slots has over 500 games but continues to introduce more games every month.  There are over 40 variations of blackjack, about 50 variations of video poker, and many variations of roulette.   All Slots has many other table games such as craps, baccarat, and keno.

All Slots Casino has a large selection of Arcade games.  These are the most fun to play when you need a short break from the classic casino games.  Childlike themes abound in the Arcade games so be prepared to laugh out loud when you play these games!

When you’re in the Mood, Go Live

All Slots has a live online casino where you can interact with the dealer or croupier.  The live casino features blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  The dealers are always the picture of attractiveness but some gamers want something “fuller” so All Slots also has a team of Playboy Bunnies who serve as dealers!

Lucrative Promotions Come Your Way all the Time

One reason so many players at All Slots win online is because of the many promotions that suddenly emerge from the screen.  All Slots always has a tremendous monthly promotion and daily and weekly promotions as well.  Sometimes, if you are at the casino, a promotion will be announced as a popup on the screen.  Other promotional announcements come to your email box.

All Slots has a Loyalty Program that pays you dividends for every wager you make.  When you collect enough Loyalty Points you move up the ladder to a higher level in the Loyalty Program. The highest level you can achieve is VIP Club with even more special benefits for deserving players.

Welcome Package

All Slots has a massive Welcome Package for new gamers.  The first round of bonuses and cash giveaways are worth $530 but, along with all the other ways All Slots gives away bonus cash, they say that the Welcome Package is worth $1130.  Here are the basic details of the initial stages of the All Slots Welcome Package:

  • Before you make your first deposit All Slots gives you a $5 no deposit bonus.  Then...
  • With your first deposit you receive another $10 free plus a 100% matching bonus up to $250.
  • With your second deposit you receive another $15 free plus a 100% matching bonus up to $250.
  • With your third deposit you receive a bonus of 50% up to $500.
  • Make your fourth deposit and receive a bonus of 25% up to $600.

Clearly, it pays off handsomely to make a series of small deposits instead of one large deposit!  This theme is repeated again and again as All Slots often offers matching bonuses for deposits on weekends, on your birthday, or whenever All Slots thinks it is time to reward players!

Security and Customer Service

All Slots Casino has 24/7 customer service via chat, email, or telephone.  There is a toll free number for Aussies.

All your personal data and all financial transactions are rock-solidly encrypted for your safety, security, and confidence.

All Slots Casino has Everything

When you look, as almost everyone does eventually, for a casino where you have possibly the best chance to achieve an Australian online casino win, then you should give All Slots Casino strong consideration.