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Jurassic Park Online Slots – Your $95,000 Credits are Coming!

The wild film based jungle casino game is here, is available and is the best you will ever get the chance to play with! Once you start looking for the ultimate game to play pokies online at, there are many parameters you probably wish to consider. Free spins pokies, bonuses, rewards, multipliers and so on are just a few from the large variety of benefits you totally deserve to enjoy from. It is a great pleasure to inform you that at this Aussie online pokies, called Jurassic Park, the number of benefits mentioned is much greater than that and your fun is absolutely guaranteed.

So, if many benefits, great gambling experience, constant thrill and great rewards are just what you are looking for, do not hesitate and take a step ahead towards the Jurassic Park pokies online that will let you feel like the king of this jungle! 

Who Said Benefits? What Belongs to me and how?

Did we mention you have 243 ways to win at this game? Because you certainly do! This 5 reel casino game gives you not only a large variety of symbols which can easily create your win – spins, but also special symbols that make some of your victories even more unique and fun!


WILD is a highly unique symbol that can take ordinary symbols which allegedly have no winning potential and yet make the credits flow in your way. The WILD works as a joker; it can serve as a substitute to, virtually, all the other symbols appearing on the reels excluding the Scatter symbol that has some special features. By serving as a substitute, the WILD which appears next to two ordinary (and identical) other symbols takes the place of the missing one and then – a win – spin is right in your hand… and your payline. In addition to that, the WILD can result with a very good payout of up to 400.00 credits which is gained by three of its symbols on your reels.

The Alert of the T Rex

The alert of the T rex is a great benefit you are most likely to find it only at Jurassic Park! This wonderful treat causes the activation of what is called the "alert mode" that very significantly increases your chances of winning extra 35 WILDs on all of the five reels!


Scatter is the special symbol that comes with the sense of freedom and joy to all its players and gainers. It easily lets you win more, receive more, enjoy more… and yet – supply much less.

Scatter is a symbol that with three, four or five of its kind lets you win Free Spins on Jurassic Park Online Pokies on which you get the chance to get many additional credits while you are not asked to deposit at all. The gained credits will later on serve you on your next rounds if you wish to increase your betting amount on simply make more bets on the very same amount previously used. Moreover, the scatter itself does not only give you an opportunity, but also a gift of its own. With activated Scatters you already get more credits to your payline. Behold! 

The Multiple Choices of your Free Spins at Jurassic park

Again, a highly unique feature for this wonderful game! This feature allows you not only to win the free spins and get more credits, but also to CHOOSE how exactly you want this whole pleasure to be done. At this great benefit, you have 5 different ways to implement this fun!

Your First Way – The Velociraptor

This way contains both WILD split and a WILD multiplier. Here you get 12 free spins and in addition to that, your WILD will be splitting into 2 so you can create additional combinations to win. The WILDs at Velociraptor can be bounced as 4X, 5X, and as 6X. Last but not least – your Free Spins Feature is stacked!

Your Second Way – The Tyrannosaurus Rex

This way contains a great opportunity for you – the option to receive a T REX bonus while playing the Free Spins. Moreover, your Free Spins Feature is stacked!

Your Third Way – The Tricerators

This way contains both running WILDs and free spins. At this way, the WILD stack grows by WILD per reel with your free spins go along. Last but not least – your Free Spins Feature is stacked!

Your Fourth Way – The Bachiosaurus

This way contains a great feature called the Mystery Multiplier! Here you gain 12 Free Spins and each and every one of your winnings is multiplied by one of the following: 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X or 6X. The Mystery Multiplier Feature, is also going to reward you with free spins that can be retriggered (each time the number of retriggered free spins will be randomly chosen). Last but not least – your Free Spins Feature is stacked!

Your Fifth Way – The Dilophsaurus

This way contains the feature of Winning WILDs. Here, you have 12 Free Spins, and while the WILD is held and contributes to any of your wins at this game, the Dilophsaurus can turn random positions of the WILD. Finally, you can enjoy by knowing that your Free Spins Feature is stacked!

So, what are you waiting for? Great benefits, surely highly unique, great symbols and multiple bonuses! Join now and enjoy the WILD party of the incredible and unreplaceable Jurassic Park Pokies!