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Upcoming Lottery Draws   

Australian lottery enthusiasts will be able to stay updated with all of the upcoming lottery draws including the draws for pools, powerball, daily lotteries, Super Jackpot, Mega Jackpot and more. The lotteries provide Australians with a wide range of national and territorial lotteries which fit any need, bankroll or expectation.

 Australian Lottery

The Australian lottery is made up to numerous lottery options which are operated by Australian lottery companies. These operators include state government-owned and private sector companies. Over the last several years the government lotteries have slowly moved aside to make room for the private sector lotteries. The states continue to retain legal ownership of the lotteries but the territorial governments operate only the Australian lotteries in Western Australian.  

The state-based operators also manage the national lotteries. These lotteries include the Oz Lotto, the Powerball games and the Saturday Lotto. In South Australia the South Australian Lotteries operate the sports-betting Australian Soccer pools. These lotteries are regulated by the states as well as by the national government.  

Lotto Games

The Saturday Lotto and the Wednesday Lotto are two of the most popular lotteries in Australia. Players pick seven numbers out of 45. For this reason, in some territories, these lottos are called Oz 7 Lotto or Super 7s Oz Lotto. In the Oz lotto – the name "Oz" comes from the reference to "Aus," or Australian -- players are guaranteed a minimum Division One prize pool of two million dollars.

The largest Australian lotto jackpot prize is currently the Oz Lotto. On November 2012, four winners shared a Division One pool of $111,972,151 in their state's Oz Lottery.

In the 1st Division, seven winning numbers are required. To win online lottery in Division 2, 6 winning numbers are required as well as a supplementary number. Division 3 requires 6 numbers to win, 5 plus one or both supplementary numbers in Division four, five numbers to win in Division 5, 4 numbers to win in Division 6 and 3 plus one or both supplementary numbers in Division 7. The odds go down as the Division numbers decrease.    

Upcoming Draws

Some of the upcoming Australian Lotto Draws are:

For New South Wales, the Lotto Wednesday will be drawn on Wednesday May 27th, the Oz Lotto will be drawn on Tuesday June 15th and the Powerball will be drawn on Thursday May 28th. There will also be a Lotto Saturday draw on Saturday may 30th.

In Queensland, the Gold Lotto draw will be held on Wednesday May 27th and the Oz Lotto Draw will take place on Tuesday June 2nd. There will be a Powerball draw on Thursday May 28th and a Saturday Gold Lotto draw on Saturday May 30th.

Upcoming lottery draws in Victoria involve the draw for the Monday and Wednesday Lotto which will next take place on Wednesday may 27th, the draw for the Oz Lotto, scheduled for Tuesday June 2nd and the Powerball Lotto which is scheduled to take place on Thursday May 28th.

Lottery Strategies

Most players rely on luck to win the lottery which is, after all, basically a game of chance. There are, however, some gamers who employ strategies to increase the chances of success.

Some of these strategies include:

1.  Many people believe that it's advisable to play state or territory lotteries, where fewer people are playing, than a national lottery. In a state lottery you have to be physically present to buy a ticket so there are fewer participants and better odds.

2.  Lottery pools, or syndicates, refer to a pool of people who pool their funds to buy a bunch of lottery tickets. If the ticket wins, the prize is split among the entire group. It's true that, if the ticket wins, you'll receive a smaller percentage of the win than you would if you were the sole ticket-holder, but when you participate in a pool and buy more tickets, you have a higher chance of winning and gaining access to a percentage of the win than you would if you didn't buy the extra tickets.

Some lotteries help you participate with a syndicate but you can also build your own lottery syndicate with co-workers, friends or neighbors.  

3.  Sign your ticket as soon as you buy it. There's no reason not to sign the ticket but if you have a winning ticket, you can prevent your winning ticket from being stolen or misused.

4.  Check to see if your lottery has a second-chance draw and if they do, by all means, enter your ticket to see if you win on the second round.

5.  Look at the Super Combos which let you enter more number combinations than you can in a standard lottery. Every Super Combo has a different combinatorial design for a different pattern of number combinations. Many of the Australian lotteries have Super Combos including the Monday Lotto Super Combo, the Wednesday Lotto Super Combo, the Powerball Super Combo, the Saturday Lotto Super Combo and the Pools Super Combo.

6.  Consider playing a game that pays out a lower payout but offers better odds. Simply put, you have better odds of winning and, over time, several wins in a lower-payout lottery can add up to significant earnings.

For instance, in the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lottos, if you're playing in Division One you'll need six winning numbers to achieve lottery wins with 1:8 odds. In a Division Two Game you need five winning numbers plus one or two supplementary numbers for 1:6 odds. In a Division Three game you need five winning numbers to win with 1:3 odds. This pattern repeats itself. There are more winners in the lower divisions than in the higher divisions, so even though they're earning lower payouts, their payouts are slowly building up.

Responsible Gambling

The Australian lottery urges players who feel that they are playing beyond their bankroll to contact one of the Gambling self-help organizations which can help the individual regain control of his propensity to gamble. There is also a self-exclusion option which enables individuals to sign up to be excluded from the lottery for a period of time while they "cool down."